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What is the Doctors Billing Policy?

Bulk Billing is available


  • All patients under 18
  • Full time university students (valid ID required)
  • Centrelink Card Holders (Pensioner/Healthcare Card/Concession Card
  • DVA Card Holder (Gold, White and Lilac)
  • As part of their commitment to Closing the Gap, all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients registered for Closing the gap

Other patients may be bulk-billed at the doctor’s discretion, otherwise a consult fee will need to be paid prior to leaving the Practice.  The TYRO units can process the Medicare Rebate on the day so long as you have an eFTPOS card or Visa/MasterCard Debit card or the claim can be sent electronically which is usual processed within 24 – 48 hours.

What About Specialist Services?

Medicare offers a higher rebate – with valid GP referral

Medicare Rebates are higher when seeing a Specialist.  While the initial cost may seem expensive to start the higher rebates for specialist doctors from Medicare reduces the out of pocket expense to a level in the affordable range.

Our Doctors Fees

Fees applicable to GP consultations

Under 18s, Full Time Students (With valid ID), Centrelink Cardholders, DVA & as part of our commitment to Closing the Gap all Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders – All Bulk-billed!

Fees applicable for private GP consultations as at July 1 2019 (please note that while the Medicare rebate has increased, private doctors fees have not been increased)

Additional fees may apply for procedures (Mirena, Implanon, MTOP, etc)

Consultation (determined by GP)FeeRebateGap
After Hours

For Specialists fees, please refer to the Paediatrician page.