For men, their middle years (40-60) can be challenging. Although there is no male equivalent to menopause, there is a gradual reduction in testosterone levels with age.

For some men, this results in a noticeable reduction in sex drive and energy and may contribute to sleep and mood problems.

This can be accelerated by related conditions such as obesity, diabetes, smoking or excess alcohol.

Erection problems become much more frequent.

At Cairns Doctors, feel free to discuss any issues with our experienced doctors who can guide you on the best choices for you.

As of 1st April 2015 in order to obtain a prescription for subsidised testosterone treatment on the PBS each patient needs to be reviewed by a specialist.

At Cairns Doctors, Dr Kay Haig is a qualified Sexual Health Physician and so can perform this review.

Unfortunately, the government has made the rules much stricter as to who qualifies for subsidised testosterone treatment but our doctors are campaigning to have this decision reversed as they feel it will deny many men an important therapeutic option.

Testosterone therapy is a controversial subject – for more information visit the Andrology Australia website.