AASW Accredited MH S/Worker  |  EMDRAA  |  Bsc (Hons)  |  Grad Dip in Clinical Hypnotherapy/strategic psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy and EMDRRA (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) 

Nicky has worked in various locations including the UK, Cape & Torres, and Cairns, catering to individuals of all different ages. She studied a Bachelor of Science with Hons in the UK, Diploma in Social work and completed post graduate studies. Over 20 years’ experience in Queensland Health and the mental health system.

Her goal is to provide comprehensive and high-quality holistic care. Nicky makes use of a variety of psychotherapies in her practice and tailors her treatment to suit the specific goals and needs of her clients.  Her client-cantered approach is about prioritises the individual, rather than their diagnosis.

Her recent studies include being a full member of the EMDRAA allowing me to practice EMDR therapy. Currently finalising a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy.

Nicola holds a current registration with the AASW, EMDRAA and provide benefits under the Medicare system. Clients with mental health care plans receive a rebate to cover part of the payment for seeing her.

Her practical approach allows people looking for ongoing skills and solutions to be able to have strategies they can use moving forward.

To book an appointment with Nicola, a referral & MHCP is required. Private appointments are also available.