Dr Robert Miller graduated from University of Queensland Medicine School in 1989 and then completed his training in Dermatology and Internal Medicine in Queensland 1991 – 2000 leading to Fellowship – Royal Australasian College of Physician, Fellowship Australasian College of Dermatologists.

Dr Robert Miller has worked in many specialist centres around the region from having appointments in Townsville University Hospital – Visiting Senior Specialist (high risk melanoma clinic), Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service – Senior Visiting Specialist, James Cook University School of Medicine and Dentistry – Associate Professor, Private Practice Townsville/Cairns.

We are pleased that Dr Robert Miller will be extending his services and offering appointments at Cairns Doctors on Barr St in our Specialist Centre. His Dermatology practice is quite broad but also with a focus on early diagnosis of melanoma, Medical Dermatology, outreach and we are pleased to open private phototherapy services. This includes whole body narrow band ultraviolet B as well as hand and foot narrowband UVB. This modality of treatment is drug free and quite effective for many inflammatory dermatoses.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Robert Miller, you will need a referral from your GP. Please call Cairns Doctors on 07-42425300 if you have any further questions.