Vasectomy Services

Dr Ajay Misty graduated from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 2014.

He then worked in the NHS for 2 years before emigrating to Australia where he worked across various departments in hospitals to further expand his surgical skills. He then completed his specialist GP Fellowship in Yeppoon, Central Queensland where he further specialised in Vasectomy and Skin cancer surgery.

He has helped establish CQ Vasectomy Services and has been serving the Central Queensland community with his effective and minimally invasive non scalpel technique for the past 2 years.

He will be offering Vasectomies at Cairns Doctors on Barr street through Vasectomy Solutions from early January 2024 at the clinic and will be primarily based in Cairns city.

To book appointments with Dr Ajay Mistry, please call Cairns Doctors on 0742425300 as these appointments cannot be booked online.