Surgical Termination of Pregnancies again available in Cairns.

The majority of procedures are reserved for women beyond 9 weeks gestation, who are not suitable for or prefer not to have a medical termination (MTOP).

Prior to your appointment you will require blood test, urine test and an ultrasound scan, to be referred for this service.

Our GP’s are happy to arrange these tests for you and advise you of suitable services.

During a surgical termination is an ideal time to have a LARC (long acting reversible contraceptive) inserted.  Speak to your doctor about whether an Implanon NXT (the ‘bar’), a Mirena or a copper intrauterine device would be the best choice for you.

You will need someone to drop you off and collect you from the procedure as you cannot drive or leave the facility unaccompanied, due to having had an anaesthetic.

The procedure is conducted at the Cairns Day Surgery or Cairns Private Hospital.

You will require a check-up with your doctor 2 weeks after the procedure.

Termination can be performed in Cairns up to 16 weeks in gestation.

For pregnancies between 16-20 weeks, you will need to travel to Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Beyond 20 weeks, termination becomes increasingly difficult but may be available in certain circumstances in Victoria.

(Pregnancies, where a severe fetal abnormality have been detected, are treated separately through your public or private obstetrician).

Make an appointment with your or one of our friendly doctors if you wish to discuss your options further.

If you have any questions please call our friendly staff on 07 4242 5300 or visit the Children by Choice website.