Many people in our society don’t feel they fit into the heterosexual stereotype that their families may think of as ‘normal’.

People may find themselves attracted to the same sex only (gay, lesbian ) or think of themselves as mainly heterosexual but at times find themselves same sex attracted (bisexual, MSM – men who have sex with men). Others may find their choices vary through their lives. Some people feel they have very little interest in sex – others, ( or their partners) may feel they have too much!

Sexual health is about feeling free to enjoy the sex you wish to have, without causing yourself or anyone else distress or harm.

People born or living in strict societies or religions may struggle to be true to themselves or honest with their family and friends.

The issue of ‘coming out safely’ is particularly important for young people as this is often the age when these issues first come to the fore.

Cairns Doctors are open minded and non-judgmental and can help you work through these issues in a confidential and understanding way.

More information can be found at Queensland Association for Healthy Communities and at Beyond Blue.