What is R U OK?

  • A national suicide prevention charity dedicated to encouraging and empowering everyone to ask, “Are you OK?” of anyone struggling with life
  • Our vision is a world where we’re all connected and protected from suicide
  • We work alongside other mental health and suicide prevention organisations to ensure those who are struggling find the care and support they need

R U OK?Day

  • R U OK?Day is Thursday 13th September – it’s a national day of action to remind us to ask, “are you ok?” of those around us and to support anyone struggling with life
  • R U OK?Day is held on the second Thursday of September, each year
  • 2018 is our tenth R U OK?Day

Where can people find help

  • Sometimes conversations are too big for friends and family, and professional support is needed. This is where mental health and suicide prevention service providers can help
  • If there is any danger to yourself or to someone else, please attend the nearest Emergency Department or call 000 and engage with emergency services to get help for yourself or someone else
  • Remember, a GP can play a vital role in helping you, your loved one, or whoever is in need
  • For extra support, conversation tips and help-seeking information, go to ruok.org.au


  • 2,866 Australians died by suicide in 2016. That’s about 8 people every day
  • For every death by suicide, it’s estimated 30 people will attempt to take their life
  • 89% of people report knowing someone who has attempted suicide
  • Males account for 75% of deaths by suicide

R U OK’s work

  • R U OK? encourages everyone to invest more quality time in the people around them as when our relationships are strong, we’re more likely to see the signs that someone may be struggling and are better placed to start a meaningful conversation with that person
  • R U OK? aims to empower all Australians to have the confidence and skills to have a conversation with someone who may be struggling with life
  • R U OK? encourages the help-giver to act when they see signs that someone’s struggling, notice changes or just feel that something’s not quite right with a friend, colleague, loved one, team mate or neighbor
  • R U OK? promotes four conversation steps:
    • 1. Ask R U OK?
    • 2. Listen
    • 3. Encourage action
    • 4. Check in
  • R U OK? encourages everyone to start a conversation as early as possible, as the earlier you reach out, the more likely the outcome will be a positive one.

2018 Campaign theme: ‘Every day is R U OK?Day’

  • This year R U OK celebrate’s their tenth R U OK?Day
  • Since their humble beginnings in 2009, 78% of Australians are now aware of the R U OK? message with 63% believing that the campaign has made people more willing to ask their friends about what’s troubling them
  • Asking, “Are you R U OK?” is no longer a question for a single day – it’s a meaningful conversation starter for every day of the year
  • Noticing someone isn’t quite themselves and asking, “Are you OK?” needs to happen every day of the year
  • Every day people experience life’s ups and down and things like grief, relationship breakdown, financial difficulty or losing a job. Sadly, at these times many people feel they don’t have anyone to confide in
  • The signs someone may be struggling may be subtle but some common signs are changes in behavior, sleep patterns, energy levels and mood
  • Any day we notice those signs or feel that something’s not quite right, we need to trust our gut instinct, ask R U OK? and start a conversation that could change a life

For more information, please head to www.ruok.org.au