Privacy Policy

At Cairns Doctors, we collect personal information from our patients for the primary purpose of providing quality health care services. Our Doctors require you to provide your personal details and a full medical history so that they may properly assess, diagnose, treat and be proactive in your health care needs and any of your Health issues.

In accord with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, all information collected at Cairns Doctors is treated as ‘sensitive information’. To protect your privacy, this Practice operates strictly in accord with the Act.

All our Doctors and Staff here at Cairns Doctors are trained to handle your personal information discreetly and privately. We also engage in a range of security initiatives to protect your information from loss or misuse.

There may be serious repercussions if we do not know who you are, how to contact you or be able to contact you in a timely manner. Withholding personal health information from your GP or others involved in your health care may out your life or health at risk.

Health providers involved in your treatment and care may receive selected information from your personal health record. These include pathology, hospital, radiology and specialist services.

If you wish to access your personal information you are welcome to discuss this with your treating doctor. Should you require a copy of your personal information, it is usually available within 30 days and nominal charges may apply.

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Results Recall Policy

Please be aware that as per our Practice Policy, test results cannot be discussed over the phone. Reception and Nursing staff do not have appropriate access to view your medical records and discuss your clinical results.

If your results require further discussion, we will contact you directly. Results are usually returned to us 48-72 hours after the sample has been taken.

If you would still like to speak to your GP and you have not received a call within a week of your test, you are welcome to book an appointment at

Email Policy

Cairns Doctors on Barr St do not send any confidential information via email unless written and verbal consent is gained from the patient, accepting liability of the lack of confidentiality.

If you require your medical records, it is recommended you make and appointment with your GP. If you are unable to attend the practice, we can send an encrypted copy of your record to your new practice provided we have received a signed consent form from them with three patient identifiers (name, date of birth, current address etc).

Telephone Policy

Cairns Doctors on Barr St currently do not offer telehealth consultations with Medicare rebates to patients (unless they qualify for the COVID-19 Telehealth Testing – call 07 4242 5300 for more information).

Telephone or Skype consultation are only available if previously agreed upon by your regular Cairns Doctors on Barr St GP. The GPs at our practice do not take phone calls during their consulting hours and can be contacted at where they will respond to you at their earliest convenience, or ask reception to call you to make an appointment. Please remember to include your name, date of birth, current address and current phone number.

Online Prescriptions

Only some of our GPs will provide prescriptions without a consultation. Please be aware this service is only available for their long term patients with recurring prescriptions who do not require a review. To view which GPs offer this service please CLICK HERE.

Otherwise please CLICK HERE to make an appointment with your GP.

Quality Assurance

Cairns Doctors prides itself on providing Doctors of the highest Standard with a particular interest or training in Specialised Health issues, this ensures that we can offer you the best of care every time.

Unlike most other General Medical Centres we won’t rush you out the door. At Cairns Doctors, we go to every effort to provide the service, time and care that you expect to have from your Doctor.

We welcome any comments or suggestions so please feel free to discuss these directly with any of our friendly Doctors or staff.

Walk-in Clinic

Our goal is to provide our patients with high-quality medical care in a timely manner. We offer a Walk-in clinic on weekdays between 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm for existing patients only. Walk-in patients may be seen by our on-duty doctors and this will be at their discretion. Our doctors will see you on a first come first serve basis in between their pre-booked appointments (unless an emergency). Therefore, there might be an extended waiting time.

 Walk-in clinic policy 

  1. Walk-in appointments are for short-term urgent issues which cannot wait for an appointment on a later day.
  2. The doctor will address one issue during each visit
  3. The waiting time for a walk-in appointment could be up to 3 hours.
  4. No referrals or care plans will be arranged for during walk-in appointments – i.e. Specialist referrals, Mental Health care plans, GPMP/TCA etc.
  5. The following controlled drugs WILL NOT be prescribed or given refills for during a walk-in appointment:
      • Narcotics
      • Opiates – i.e. Vicodin, Oxycontin, morphine, codeine, etc.
      • Benzodiazepines – i.e. Lorazepam, Clonazepam, Diazepam, etc.
      • ADHD medications – i.e. Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Methylphenidate, etc.