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Fee list / cancellation


To make an appointment with our Paediatrician’s at our private specialist clinic, we make them affordable to as many families as possible, our clinic fees are much lower than the AMA (Australian Medical Association) recommendations for specialist consultation fees. The fees our clinic charge are necessary to cover the expenses for running a specialist practice.

Allocated TimeDescriptionTotal FeeOut of PocketMedicare Rebate
In-person appointments in consult room and telehealth video consults
60 minInitial Consult – Complex
More than one concern and for all behavioural / developmental
45-60 minInitial Consult – Standard
Single concern not behavioural or developmental
20-30 minReview Consult – Complex
More than one concern and for all behavioural / developmental consults
20-30 minReview Consult – Standard
Single concern not behavioural or developmental
5-15 minMinor appointment
e.g. NDIS or Centrelink planning incl. forms outside regular appointments
Telephone consult (only for short consults e.g. need for prescription change outside appointments)
5-15 minTelephone consult
e.g. script change, short medical discussion
Requests without appointment 
e.g. certificates without appointment, lost scripts$25.00$25.00

*Medicare provides the higher rebate only for the first two reviews following the initial consult. For the 3rd and all following reviews, we therefore reduce the fees as you will receive only the decreased rebate.

The fees are payable on the day of your consultation. At Cairns Doctors we accept EFTPOS, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex), and cash. The Medicare rebate can be processed at the same time if you bring an EFTPOS card with you, or if your bank details are registered with Medicare can be sent online for processing.

Remember that your GP referral is valid for one year after the first appointment with our Paediatricians. Please ensure to obtain a new referral after the year or Medicare will not rebate you.

If your child requires an ECG or a spirometry it can be done free of charge before or after the consultation.

If you require a repeat prescription, please request it during the appointment. Outside a regular appointment a fee of $25 will apply. You may also ask your GP for a repeat script. If a medication change,  a medication dose adjustment, or a Centrelink or NDIS form is required you will need to make an appointment.

Cancellation and non-attendance

Your appointment time has been reserved to see your child and family. If you cannot attend the appointment, please notify us per phone call at least 48 hours in advance so we can re-schedule and offer the timeslot to another patient. If you cancel an appointment less than 48 hours in advance or you do not attend an appointment, a cancellation/non-attendance fee of $200 for a missed initial and $100 for a missed review appointment will apply. This includes bulk billed families. The fee must be paid before a next appointment is offered. The cancellation/non-attendance fee is not rebated by Medicare.

Arrival and Running late

Please ensure you start early enough and arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment time to allow for your child to be fully set up and registered. For all subsequent visits it will be enough if you arrive for the check-in just 5 minutes prior the appointment. The appointment length is calculated to have adequate time to talk about your concerns, examining your child and discuss and prepare a management plan. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late and there is a next patient scheduled there is not enough time to cover all these needs safely and we have to cancel the appointment and the cancellation fee applies.