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Is a GP referral required?

While you can make an appointment with our Paediatrician’s without a GP referral, Medicare will not pay any rebates in this case. Only with a valid GP referral you can claim the rebate from Medicare. We recommend to always involve your GP into your child’s health care, so talking to him about your visit to us is a good thing to do.


Can I see you on short notice within a day?

No. We do not have walk in clinics, and our Paediatrician’s do not see children for acute emergency services. Please see your GP, the Hospital Emergency Department or call 000.


What is the fastest way to see you?

Request a referral from your GP to the Paediatrician you would like to see at our clinic. When we have received the referral,  our receptionist will contact you to make an appointment. Please make sure that we have your correct contact phone number and that you are available to take our call or that we have the option to leave a voice message.


How often will you see my child?

It depends. Some children they see only once or twice for an assessment and management plan and then your GP will be happy continuing with the care of your child. More complex cases they might follow for months or years with regular reviews. The more complex and severe your child’s concerns, the more frequent and longer they will help you. You will always be involved in the decision-making process, and they will always be here for you if needed.


What if I have a new concern or a question and the next appointment time is weeks away?

If you are already one of our patients you can call our reception and ask for an earlier appointment, though they might discuss this with your child’s Paediatrician before the change is made. For medico-legal reasons, any questions and discussion about a non-urgent medical concern or prescription change will need a consult. Please call us to make an appointment, we may be able to do this as an after-hour phone consult / minor appointment.  Please do not use email for this but call our receptionist at Cairns Specialists on Barr St. We use email only for sharing information like providing the clinic letter to you or a certificate.

Please let us know if you wish to discuss a new concern at your follow up appointment. This may need a longer appointment time and a new referral from your GP to ensure the Medicare rebate for the required longer appointment.


I am running out of medication; can I get a new script without an appointment?

If you run out of medication before the next appointment, please ask your GP for a repeat. They calculate all prescriptions until the next review appointment with them. If you lose a script, they can do a repeat script without an appointment but a fee of $25 will apply.

If a medication change or a dose adjustment is required, you will need to make an appointment. Please do not email us for requests but give us a call instead.


There are many services involved in the care of my child, do you share information?

Yes, but always with your consent only. Sharing information is essential for all involved services to provide the best care for your child. You will always get a copy of their clinic letter. Please feel free to share the clinic letter with all allied health and other services as you deem appropriate. Vice versa, it is always helpful for our Paediatrician’s, to know what the other services involved in your child’s wellbeing are doing and planning.

Since 2019 all Australians have a “My Health Record’ automatically created if you have not opted out. Please see here for more information www.myhealthrecord.gov.au

They always recommend you choose one primary health professional where all health information come together and who will discuss and manage ongoing services with you. This can be your GP, your Paediatrician or any other health care provider, e.g. your NDIS coordinator.

They also recommend you keep your own personal medical records for your child at home. Always request copies from all health services who were, are or will be involved in your child’s health care. This way you will be fully informed and when transition to another health service is required, e.g. you move away or your teenager turns 18 years, you can provide all necessary information for seamless best practice care.

For our full privacy policy please look here https://cairns-doctors.com.au/privacy-policy