This is the most common method for early pregnancy. This involves taking tablets to cause a miscarriage.

For early pregnancy (up to 9 weeks) the first tablet is taken at the clinic with your doctor. Twenty four to forty eight hours later you take a second medication at home to bring on the miscarriage.

If you prefer not to have a Medical Termination, or are beyond 9 weeks, you can discuss a Surgical Termination of Pregnancy (STOP) with our GP’s.

For an MTOP, your doctor will advise you whether this is suitable for you but generally the following conditions apply:

  • You live within 1 hour of a hospital
  • You have a support person available aged over 18 years

You will need to have an ultrasound scan to confirm how many weeks pregnant you are, some blood tests and usually a urine test. These can be arranged by your own doctor or through our doctors at Cairns Doctors.

Once the results are available the doctor will forward the prescription for the medications required to our local pharmacy, Discount Drug Store, which is conveniently next door.

Reception will call you to let you know the tablets are ready for collection. You will need to pay a normal prescription cost. If you are not eligible for Medicare, further charges apply.

Bring the medication pack (MS 2 Step) to the appointment with the doctor and usually you will take the first medication at Cairns Doctors. Usually no bleeding will start until you take the second medication at home twenty four to forty eight hours later.

If you have any questions please call our friendly staff on 07 4242 5300 or visit the Children by Choice website.

Telehealth consultation

Although it is preferable for the doctor to meet you in person if you are unable to travel to Cairns it may be possible to access medical termination via telehealth consultation with Cairns Doctors.

Secure access to Skype and other additional conditions apply. Please let our reception staff know if you wish to be considered for a medical termination via telehealth.

For more information on MTOP and STOP (surgical termination of pregnancy) visit the Children By Choice website.