Many men are too busy to go to the doctor until they find themselves really unwell.

A heart check up including an ECG can give you a measure of your risks for having a heart attack or stroke (the commonest cause of premature death for Australian men). This can help you weigh up which lifestyle changes would be worthwhile for you.

Particularly over the age of 40, men should consider at least an annual check up with their doctor. This may only need to be a simple blood pressure or cholesterol check.

For men over 50 screening for various cancers is discussed – bowel, skin and prostate in particular.

If not for your own peace of mind remember the saying – happy wife, happy life!

At Cairns Doctors, our doctors can offer lunchtime or evening appointments for your convenience. They can guide you through the controversies around eg cholesterol treatment and are always happy to discuss erection and any other personal problems with you.