These days there are many safe reliable methods to delay you falling pregnant until you are ready to.

The pill is becoming less popular as the newer methods gain in popularity.

Implanon (‘the bar’) is a safe, cheap, effective method that can be used at any age – even as young as girls of 12. It can last for 3 years but if you change your mind it is easily removed and your body is back to normal within days.

Mirena (a hormone device put inside the womb) lasts 5 years and can be used at any age. You do NOT need to have had a baby to have a Mirena although younger girls (especially less than 16 years old) tend to feel a bit shy about the process of getting one inserted.

At Cairns Doctors we have doctors trained in Mirena insertion. They can advise you as to whether a Mirena or the copper ‘coil’ would be best for you.

Deporalovera (Depo) is an injection given every 12 weeks into your buttock. It can be ideal if a woman has had bleeding problems with Implanon.

Nuvaring is the pill delivered by a plastic ring placed in the vagina. It is simple to use and removes the need to take a pill daily.

Vasectomy (the snip) is one of the best choices if a couple have completed their family. We are experienced in counselling for vasectomies and are happy to provide a referral to a qualified doctor.

Female sterilisation (tubes tied) is a much bigger procedure for a woman but can be arranged through a gynaecologist.

For more information visit Family Planning Queensland.