Cairns Doctors Adolescent Health

Many young people struggle through the challenging years of adolescence (12-24).

This is a time when they need to find out who they are and what they want from their lives. Issues with family, relationships, friends, or school are extremely common.

It is an age when worries about puberty and changing body image often arise. Emotional problems such as depression and anxiety can be difficult to separate from the normal teenage moodiness.

Sex, and issues around sexuality and gender can cause young people great distress.

Alcohol and drugs may be experienced for the first time.

For young people and their friends and families, it is difficult to know where to seek help and advice.

At Cairns Doctors, our doctors have a special interest in the health of young people and will not be shocked by anything you say, or have done!

Visit the Headspace website if you need help with emotional or mental health issues.